ACRL Awards Coordinating Committee


The Awards Coordinating Committee provides leadership and oversight for the ACRL Awards program.


Brian Lim (Staff Liaison, July 1, 2023, to June 30, 2024)

Displaying active committee roster as of 04/18/2024. Last retrieved on 04/18/2024. Members can log in and refresh the page to view full contact information for committee members.


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  • 1 Chair
  • 1 Vice-Chair, who serves a one-year term as Vice-Chair followed by a one-year term as Chair
  • 1 Board liaison
  • 1 staff liaison
  • 4-6 additional members, with appointments staggered to provide continuity.
  • Additional appointments at the discretion of the ACRL Vice-President/President-Elect and Appointments Committee.
  • Members should have previous experience serving on an ACRL award or grant committee and should be drawn from a diversity of ACRL Sections. In addition, the membership should represent a diversity of institution types (community colleges, baccalaureate-granting colleges, master's granting institutions, doctoral-granting universities, and independent research libraries).
  • Since it is important that the vice-chair/chair be knowledgeable about the responsibilities and concerns of the committee, it is suggested the committee vice-chair/chair be selected from the existing committee membership.

Special Tasks

  1. Review the ACRL Awards program on a regular basis (5 years), including the awards and grants given, financial support, and division policies that address or impact awards and grants, and make recommendations for needed changes to the ACRL Board of Directors.
  2. Establish a process for reviewing awards and grants, including their purpose, description, and selection criteria, and recommending changes as needed.
  3. Provide annual training and resources on awards-related equity practices for members of awards committees.
  4. Work with ACRL staff to develop a standardized submission platform for nominations.
  5. Assist award and grant committees in identifying potential nominees and soliciting nominations.
  6. Establish and oversee a process to ensure that an individual or group does not receive more than a single award for the same publication or program.
  7. Collect and share data on award nominees and winners.
  8. Work with ACRL staff to hold an annual, division-wide ceremony for award and grant recipients.
  9. Develop and maintain a calendar of the committee's work.
  10. File an annual report on the committee's activities with the ACRL Board.


The establishment of the ACRL Awards Coordinating Committee was approved by the ACRL Board at its ACRL Board of Directors Virtual Meeting I on January 26, 2024.

Get Involved

Volunteers will need to complete the volunteer form. Committee service begins July 1. More information, including volunteer deadlines and requirements, can be found on the ACRL volunteer site.

Staff Liaison

Brian Lim
Program Coordinator
Association of College & Research Libraries
American Library Association
225 N. Michigan Ave., Ste 1300
Chicago, IL 60601-7616
Work: 312-280-5285