ACRL Chapters

ACRL Chapters

Chapters make ACRL come alive at the local level. The association's 44 chapters promote excellence in academic libraries through programming and professional development opportunities that fit local needs, as well as through advocacy efforts and networking connections.

Resources for ACRL Chapters

ACRL Officers Speakers Program for Chapters
Information on the Speakers Program for Chapters, which provides funding for the ACRL president, vice-president/president-elect, and executive director to visit ACRL chapters and speak on ACRL concerns and activities.

Plan for Excellence Implementation Report for ACRL Units  (sent directly to member leaders)
Report to be used by Chapter presidents to identify activities and programs that their chapter carried out in support of the ACRL Plan for Excellence during the current fiscal year. This form replaces previous versions of the ACRL Chapter Annual Report form. Deadline for completion is July 25.

ACRL Chapters Council

The mission of ACRL Chapters Council is to serve as a conduit for information and communication between ACRL National and its Chapters, and to promote membership of ACRL National.

Each chapter participates in Chapters Council through two representatives who have one vote on behalf of the chapter. Representatives are the president (chair) and vice-president (vice-chair), or a delegate who is a member of the executive board of the chapter and also a member of ACRL.

The goals of Chapters Council are:

  • To support the goals and initiatives of ACRL National
  • To facilitate communication between ACRL members and ACRL leadership
  • To encourage and support ACRL Chapters goals and initiatives
  • To build membership of ACRL at the National and Chapter levels

Chapter leaders meet twice a year at the ALA Annual Conference and Midwinter Meeting as part of Chapters Council.

Resources for ACRL Chapters Council

Chapters Council Roster
Official roster for ACRL's Chapters Council. Includes officer contact information, Chapter Web sites, and meeting information.

Chapters Council Officers Manual (PDF format)
Roles and responsibilities of Chapters Council officers.

Chapters Orientation Toolkit (PDF format)
Useful tools for working with and participating in Chapters Council, including key contacts, ACRL programs for Chapters, a Chapters planning calendar, and more.

Chapters Council Virtual Orientation
Online orientation for members of Chapters Council. View a recording of one of the sessions, or see the presentation slides (PDF format).

Chapters Council E-mail List
Information about ACRL's Chapters Council e-mail list and how to use it.

Chapter Topics
Issues of Chapter Topics, the newsletter of the ACRL Chapters Council, published twice a year. Chapter Topics provides useful information about activities from all chapters.

Chapters Council Meeting Minutes
Please see the Chapters Council ALA Connect site for Meeting Minutes.

ACRL's Guide to Policies and Procedures
Chapter 5 of the Guide provides extensive information about Chapters.

Questions about ACRL Chapters? Please contact ACRL Program Coordinator Lauren Carlton at