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Image of Abigail Mann
Meet Member: Abigail Mann
Meet Member: Sabine Jean Dantus
Headshot of Rachel Makarowski
Meet Member: Rachel Makarowski
Headshot of Diane H. Dias De Fazio
Meet Member: Diane H. Dias De Fazio
Headshot of Joe Mocnik
Meet Member: Joe Mocnik
Headshot of Elizabeth Blake
Meet Member: Elizabeth Blake
Headshot of Mira Waller
Meet Member: Mira Waller
Headshot of Amanda Boyer
Meet Member: Amanda Boyer
Headshot of Wendy Pothier
Meet Member: Wendy Pothier
Headshot of Susanna Cowan
Meet Member: Susanna M. Cowan
Headshot of Claire Dannenbaum
Meet Member: Claire Dannenbaum
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Meet Member: Katie Odhner
Headshot on Anna Biszaha
Meet Member: Anna Biszaha
Paula C. Johnson
Meet Member: Paula C Johnson
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Meet Member: Sharon Ladenson
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Representing nearly 8,500 individuals and libraries, the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL), the largest division of the American Library Association, develops programs, products, and services to help those working in academic and research libraries learn, innovate, and lead within the academic community. Founded in 1940, ACRL is committed to advancing learning, transforming scholarship, and creating diverse and inclusive communities.

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ACRL provides members with meaningful opportunities to become active in the profession. Our members give back to the association and gain essential experience in return.

As a member of the academic and research library community, you are motivated by the extraordinary possibilities that higher education offers, dedicating your career to improving our educational systems.


RBMS 2024 Momentum, June 25-28, 2024 Hilton Orange County, Costa Mesa CA

Join us at RBMS 2024 for an immersive exploration of how we can leverage the invaluable lessons, experiences, and progress of the past three years to propel our profession towards greater equity, diversity, inclusivity, and community engagement. This conference will delve into critical questions: How do we reignite and sustain vital initiatives in both physical and virtual realms? How can we maintain momentum in a landscape where change often comes in small steps? Discover the keys to fostering and sustaining momentum in collaborative partnerships with fellow librarians, special collections experts, booksellers, and museum curators.

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2024 Election Information

ACRL 2024 Election Results including the proposed amendments to the Bylaws (PDF)

Brad Warren elected Vice-President/President-Elect - ACRL Insider Announcement; Official Press Release.

Rachel M. Minkin, Interim Associate Dean, Teaching and Learning at Michigan State University, has been elected to the ACRL Board of Directors as Director-at-Large.

Carrie Forbes, Ph.D., University Librarian and Director of the School of Undergraduate Studies and the University Library at Southern Oregon University, has been elected to the ACRL Board of Directors as Director-at-Large.

Passion led us here

ACRL is hiring a Program Officer for Member Services.

The American Library Association (ALA) is the foremost national association for libraries and information centers in the world, delivering pragmatic solutions to pressing issues such as expanding economic opportunity, advancing education, and learning in the global economy, and strengthening public interest information policies such as telecommunications, copyright, access to government information, funding, privacy, and free speech. The ACRL division helps those working in academic and research libraries learn, innovate, and lead within the academic community.

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