Threshold Achievement Test for Information Literacy (TATIL)

Following a redesign and rebuilding period, TATIL will relaunch under the ACRL brand in July 2023.

The Threshold Achievement Test for Information Literacy (TATIL) is a powerful tool to add to your assessment program. It will facilitate conversations on your campus and throughout the profession about what information literacy means to students today and into the future.

TATIL is a simple, easy-to-use standardized test that measures the achievement of the information literacy education outcomes, regardless of a student’s major or research focus, across four modules which address learning across all the frames in the ACRL Framework for Information Literacy. TATIL reports help educators identify student areas of strength and areas that need improvement, supporting evidence-based decision-making and inform actions for strengthening student outcomes.

Test reports are comprehensive and provide a wealth of actionable assessment data.  For example, pre-test reports can help academic libraries plan curriculum based on students’ prior knowledge and confidence levels related to their dispositions. Institutional reports include detailed knowledge and disposition results along with cross-institutional comparisons. By providing a complete picture of student performance and comparing it with results from other institutions, TATIL can greatly enhance administrative support for information literacy education.

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Pricing for the Threshold Achievement test is per student per test. There are two payment options: Pre-pay and Post-pay. Pre-pay pricing is $1 per student less than Post-pay.

Pre-pay Pricing: $8 per student

To pre-pay for a test, you must specify the number of students you will test and generate an invoice prior to starting the test. You can test up to this number of students. Once you have reached this number, the test will be stopped automatically. Students who do not complete the test or who have not consented to having their responses used are not included in the count. This is a fixed payment regardless of the number of students who complete the test and no refunds are given if you do not reach the number of students you have specified.

Post-pay Pricing: $9 per student

To post-pay for a test, administer the test to as many students as you wish. You are charged only for students who are included in your report. Students who do not complete the test or who have not consented to having their responses used are not included in your report and you are not charged for these students.

Unlimited Annual Contract

For large-scale testing, we also offer an Unlimited Annual Contact. With this contract there is no limit to the number of tests you can administer and no limit to the number of students you can test. Contract time periods span the academic year from June 15 through May 31. The price is $0.50 per enrolled student with a minimum charge of $10,000. For an institution with an enrollment of 24,000, the annual contract would cost $12,000. Institutions interested in large-scale testing may find this an attractive alternative to paying on a per-student basis. Contact us for additional details.

Payment can be made by credit card or by check. Your test results will not be available for download until we receive your payment. All pricing is in U.S. dollars.