Value of Academic Libraries

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Change across all facets of society—including demographic, technological, and economic change—has the potential to greatly impact higher education and the academic library. As we move further into the 21st century, it is important to pay attention to the surrounding trends to inform our thinking about where institutions of higher education and their libraries are headed.


Academic Library Advocacy Toolkit 

Developed by a joint task force comprised of members from ACRL’s New Roles and Changing Landscapes and Value of Academic Libraries goal-area committees, the Academic Library Advocacy Toolkit is a curated collection of resources that can help equip academic library administrators and library professionals with the resources they need to advocate for the value, roles, and contributions of academic libraries to their campus communities. 

The Academic Library Advocacy Toolkit was created in response to current and concrete pressures many academic libraries are facing, including challenges related to budgets, a diminished workforce, professional roles, and more.

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Libraries and Learning Analytics: The Future is Now Webcast

Held on November 17, 2022, this workshop is a continuation of the November 2021 ACRL ULS webinar, "Libraries and Learning Analytics: Facts, False Choices, and Future Forays" (watch recording), and is designed to help librarians take the next step in learning analytics preparedness by guiding them through a series of activities designed to support them in thinking through decisions, data, and conversations necessary for ethical, effective, and engaging learning analytics work at their institutions. 

Watch the webcast recording.

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VAL Spotlight Series: Practices of Equity & Social Justice

The VAL Spotlight Series on practices of equity and social justice features librarians from various corners of librarianship discussing what it means to integrate equity and social justice into our practice and assessment, as well as how they are working toward that goal.

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Putting the Standards for Libraries in Higher Education into Action Off-RoadShow

Libraries in higher education are increasingly required to demonstrate their value and document their contributions to overall institutional effectiveness. The Standards for Libraries in Higher Education is a framework for library planning and assessment that can be used for a variety of circumstances including annual planning, program review, and accreditation self-study.

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Initiatives and Learning Opportunities

Since 2009, ACRL has been working to determine how best to help members demonstrate the value of academic libraries to the academy. Learn more about our current initiatives and learning opportunities.

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Browse our selection of titles related to the Value of Academic Libraries.

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Additional Resources

Check out ACRL's other resources to help you stay informed and up to date on issues related to the Value of Academic Libraries.

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Project Outcome for Academic Libraries

Discover how Project Outcome for Academic Libraries can support your library through measuring learning outcomes.

Value of Academic Libraries Committee

The ACRL Value of Academic Libraries Committee oversees and coordinates ACRL's Value of Academic Libraries Initiative as described in the strategic plan; work with the ACRL Board and other ACRL units in creating a comprehensive effort including coalition building, professional development, publications, research, advocacy, and consultation services and in developing the ACRL Value website; and monitor and assess the effectiveness of the Value Initiative. Learn more about the Value of Academic Libraries Committee.