New Roles and Changing Landscapes: Publications

ACRL publishes a wide variety of titles related to issues in new roles, changing landscapes, and fostering change. Browse a selection of titles below, and visit our publications catalog for complete details on ACRL books.

Fostering Change: A Team-Based Guide

book cover of "Fostering Change: A Team-Based Guide" prepared Brianna Marshall, Dani Brecher Cook, and Cinthya Ippoliti.

Prepared by Brianna Marshall, Dani Brecher Cook, and Cinthya Ippoliti

Developed with leadership from ACRL’s New Roles and Changing Landscapes Committee, Fostering Change is intended to be a practical tool for teams immersed in the labor of leading change in the library and on campus. This guide takes you and your team step-by-step through understanding change, building engagement, and creating and instituting the change, allowing you to pick and choose different aspects of the process that resonate most. It’s intended to help place people at the center of every change process and give individuals across academic libraries the tools to spark, lead, and sustain change, no matter their organizational position. Fostering Change is packed with exercises, templates, and resources to use as you plan and execute change.

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Open Educational Resources: CLIPP #45

cover of CLIPP #45 College Library Information on Policy and Practice from the College Libraries section of the Association of College and Research libraries "Open Educational Resources" compiled and written by Mary Francis; text each with an icon: Bibliography Survey Documents

Compiled and written by Mary Francis

In six sections, Open Educational Resources provides context for OER initiatives in college libraries and provides insights and strategies for librarians who are new to the topic, part of an existing OER initiative, or looking to form a program at their institution. The survey, both analyzed and included in its entirety, gathers information on OER and other affordable course content initiatives that are occurring at college libraries, exploring questions such as funding, how libraries are supporting OER on their campuses, and what additional services might be possible in their libraries. Finally, there’s a collection of resources and sample documents related to OER initiatives, including faculty stipend programs, process documents, and sustainability and planning guides.

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