ACRL Works with CUPA-HR to Update Academic Library Position Descriptions

As a national authority on compensation for higher education professionals, the College and University Professional Association for Human Resources (CUPA-HR) conducts salary, benefits and benchmarking surveys. CUPA-HR has for many years collected and compiled survey results on salaries for Library Administrators, and Mid-Level Administrators and Professionals. Data results from the surveys are regularly used by higher education institutions to establish and calibrate salaries of library professionals.

ACRL began working with CUPA-HR in 2005, to periodically review and update library position descriptions and categories within these surveys according to changes in the professional field. This organizational collaboration results in a revised CUPA-HR survey publication that offers more comprehensive academic library position descriptions.

Position Descriptions for CUPA-HR 2019-20 Professional Salary Survey

Many thanks to the New Roles and Changing Landscapes Committee for their contributions to this project.

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