Regenerating the Academic Library

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The landscape of higher education and academic libraries continues to change in ways unimaginable before the COVID-19 pandemic. Library employees have experienced the pandemic differently depending on their roles and circumstances.

How can library leaders prepare their organizations to transition to a post-COVID reality and meet the challenges of navigating an ever-shifting landscape? What type of leadership will help employees cope with the impact of the rapid, unplanned changes wrought by the pandemic and maintain hope and motivation in the face of so much uncertainty? What do concepts like “belonging” and “community” mean in light of the separation imposed by the pandemic and the new models of working that have arisen? How can leaders seize this moment to create equitable, inclusive, supportive working environments and engage employees in co-creating the organization’s future?

ACRL Consulting Services now works with libraries to help them through the process of regeneration—emerging from crisis, navigating a dramatically altered landscape, and rebuilding for the future. ACRL consultants will collaborate with you to design and facilitate an organizational development process that is tailored to your library’s needs and campus setting through a three-stage process:

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Inspiring hope, building trust, and looking ahead

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Creating a sense of belonging and community while discovering and adapting to a new reality

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Intentionally co-creating the organization's future

Through all stages, ACRL consultants will guide you through asking the right questions, holding authentic conversations, exploring perspectives, and making intentional choices based on your values and goals. The process will begin with an assessment that will allow consultants to understand your unique situation and design the remaining three stages based on your needs.

Sample project fee for 4-part service: $25,000 (delivered remotely)

Regenerating the Academic Library was developed by Melanie Hawks, Janice Jaguszewski, Mark A. Puente, Karen Williams, and Kathryn Deiss.

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Meet our consultants, see what past clients have to say, and check out our sample publication and webinar recording to help you understand the work of our consultants and what's involved with reviewing and advancing academic libraries.

NOTE: ACRL has suspended consulting services as of June 2023. Because many of our consultants also work independently, interested parties may wish to contact them directly.

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