Value of Academic Libraries: Publications

ACRL publishes a wide variety of titles related to the value of academic libraries. Select research reports and other publications are below. Check out the Assessment in Action Bibliography for links to more publications.

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Standards for Libraries in Higher Education

ACRL's Standards for Libraries in Higher Education are an essential part of the Value of Academic Libraries initiatives.

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ACRL's scholarly research journal College & Research Libraries (C&RL) regularly publishes articles on the value of academic libraries. Visit the C&RL website for more original research.

Mary K. O’Kelly, Jon Jeffryes, Maya Hobscheid, and Rachael Passarelli. "Correlation Between Library Instruction and Student Retention: Methods and Implications." (January 2023)

Rachel Ivy Clarke, Katerina Lynn Stanton, Alexandra Grimm, and Bo Zhang. "Invisible Labor, Invisible Value: Unpacking Traditional Assessment of Academic Library Value." (November 2022)

Jung Mi Scoulas and Sandra L. De Groote. "Impact of Undergraduate Students’ Library Use on Their Learning beyond GPA: Mixed-Methods Approach." (May 2022)

Catherine Meals. "Evaluating the Impact of Personal Librarians on Academic and Affective Outcomes." (January 2022)

Jennifer Rowe, Julie Leuzinger, Carol Hargis, and Karen R. Harker. "The Impact of Library Instruction on Undergraduate Student Success: A Four-Year Study." (January 2021)

Special Issue on Academic Library Impact (April 2020)