2023 Scholarship Recipients

The Association of College and Research Libraries awarded 99 scholarships for this conference worth over $88,000. ACRL expresses its sincere appreciation to the groups and individuals that participated in this campaign. Their support enables ACRL to build the skills and capacities of the next generation to lead and serve our profession. Please consider making a donation to the ACRL Conference Scholarship Fund for the upcoming 2025, and make a difference in the life of a library worker! 


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Click a on the name of the recipient to learn how to learn how their scholarship made a difference in their professional life.

John Adebayo

Lisa Anderson

Rachel Becker

Chanda Briggs

Stacy Brody

Rebecca Chavez

Mara C. Cota

Ayiana Crabtree

Anne Deutsch

Kirstin Duffin

CJ Garcia

James Glenn

William Gore

Neil Grimes

Krystal Kakimoto

Manika Lamba

Cecelia Gardner Lasley

Kerrin McGuire

Breana McQueen

Holly Mercer

José J. Morales Benítez

Gerald Natal

K. Rama Patnaik

Caterina Reed

Stephanie Sandoval

Michelle Shea

Dominic Silvio

Susan Van Alstyne

Alexander Ward

Ruth Xing