ACRL Friends

In January of 1999, the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) established The Friends of ACRL to strengthen our profession and offer new opportunities for academic librarians with the generous support of fifty-three founding members.

Founding Members

Charles E. Beard
Sherrie S. Bergman
Patricia Senn Breivik
William E. Brown
Lois H. Cherepon
Lynn Scott Cochrane
Elaine K. Didier
Paul Dumont
Ray English
Jill B. Fatzer
Barbara J. Ford
Rena Fowler
Bernard Fradkin
Nicholas E. Gaymon
Lori Goetsch
Vicki L. Gregory
Joseph Griffin
Larry Hardesty
Cathy Henderson
W. Lee Hisle
Althea Jenkins
Barbara Baxter Jenkins
Jan Kemp
Erika C. Linke
Maija Lutz
Frances Maloy
Laurence Miller
Rush G. Miller
William Miller
Victoria A. Montavon
Claudia J. Morner
Linda Muroi
James G. Neal
Carol Pfeiffer
Shelley E. Phipps
Hannelore Rader
Marion T. Reid
Donald E. Riggs
Sharon J. Rogers
Dana C. Rooks
Elizabeth M. Salzer
Jeffrey Scherer
Carolyn Sheehy
Louise S. Sherby
Pamela Snelson
Helen H. Spalding
Keith R. Stetson
Maureen Sullivan
Mary Lee Sweat
Patricia A. Wand
Lee Marie Weisel
Barbara Wittkopf
Juana R. Young