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ALA's advocacy and public policy staff are committed to helping library workers, policy analysts, government officials, and the public to identify and prepare for the future. Our research covers a broad range of issues, all related to how libraries serve the public and uphold the public's right to free and open information.

NEW: Gen Z and Millennials: How They Use Public Libraries and Identify Through Media Use (November 2023)

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March 2022 - ALA Policy Perspectives - Keeping Communities Connected - Library broadband service during the COVID-19 pandemic

November 2020 - ALA Policy Perspectives - Open to Change: Libraries Catalyze Small Business Adaptation to COVID-19

October 2020 - ALA Webinar - Advancing Your Library Agenda After the Elections: Webinar recording (Code: +Fp9&Lu4) and Webinar slides

September 2020 - Built by E-Rate: A Case Study of Two Tribally-Owned Fiber Networks and the Role of Libraries in Making it Happen; Executive Summary 

September 2020 - ALA Policy Perspectives - Libraries and Reentry: The Importance of Public Spaces, Technologies, and Community to Formerly Incarcerated Patrons

April 2020 - Libraries and COVID-19 - How Community Leaders Can Partner with Libraries During the Response and Recovery

May 2019 - ALA Policy Perspectives - Healthier Communities: Libraries Improve Health Literacy, Access

Policy Briefs

October 2018
Libraries and the 2020 Census

Libraries are essential partners in achieving a complete count in the 2020 Census.

September 2018
Equitable Opportunity for Tribal Communities

Broadband is essential for learning, working, and daily life overall.

January 2018
Leveraging E-rate to Provide Opportunity

The work of libraries demands robust and reasonably-priced internet connectivity.

April 2017
Careers for America’s Youth
in the Digital Age

Libraries represent a cost-effective method for developing opportunities for youth to code, thus driving job growth and innovation.

March 2017
Libraries Help and Honor Our Veterans: Employment, Education, and Connection

As service members become Veterans, America’s libraries are well-positioned to address them.

January 2017
From Baby's First Words: Libraries Promote Early Learning

Libraries are trusted leaders in boosting early learning and strengthening K–12 school learning.

January 2017
Digital Empowerment and America's Libraries

Libraries are essential to addressing broadband adoption and digital literacy.

December 2016
The Manufacturing Sector and The Knowledge Economy

Libraries are established centers for learning and enable broad economic opportunity.

November 2016
Building Entrepreneurial Opportunity in America’s Communities

Libraries are a turnkey network of resources for advancing entrepreneurship.