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For the 4th consecutive year, the White House has eliminated ...

ALA endorses strong, enforceable net neutrality rules that banned blocking, throttling, or degrading of any lawful internet content.

Affordable, high-capacity broadband internet access is critical to the mission and operation of every modern library.

ALA follows both federal and state legislation and advocates Congress and in the courts to strike a balance in copyright law.

ALA supports policies that maintain robust and stable funding for the E-rate program, a significant source of support for library technology needs...

No-fee public access to government information is the foundation of an informed citizenry.

The American Library Association advances key policy priorities by lobbying Congress, partnering with coalitions, and helping our library supporters in the field build strong relationships with their elected officials. ALA's Public Policy and Advocacy team serves as the voice for libraries in Washington, D.C. Through strengthening connections with members of Congress, grassroots mobilization, and regulatory advocacy, ALA aims to drive federal policy on the issues that impact libraries.

ALA's success depends on the library community's collective efforts to advocate for policies that positively impact patrons and the ability of libraries to serve them effectively. We hope you will use these resources in your advocacy work at home.


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