Reader. Voter. Ready.

As we approach another series of local, state, and national elections, every eligible American should be informed, registered, and ready to vote. Join ALA's campaign to get every community Reader, Voter, Ready! Use our action form to sign the pledge and commit to voting.

I am a reader. I am a voter. I will be registered, informed, and ready to vote in all local, state, and federal elections during 2024 and beyond.

Voting is one of the greatest privileges and responsibilities of citizenship in the United States. Yet, turnout in national elections is consistently lower than two-thirds of eligible voters. Participation rates among multiple demographic groups and in state or local elections are often lower still. There is frequent talk about the critical role of libraries in our democracy. What does that look like in practice? Libraries are nonpartisan, but they are not indifferent. As institutions that provide access to information, resources, programs, and public spaces for all members of a community, libraries are a cornerstone for civic engagement and more important than ever.

Voter Engagement Resources


Voter Engagement Guide

ALA supports the work of all types of libraries and partner organizations to increase voter engagement in all communities. Read more and find resources and ideas in ALA's Voter Engagement Guide!


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Voters Count on Libraries: The Numbers

How do libraries support voters? Every day, across the country, through registrations, candidate forums, civic education programs, and more. See the data in Voters Count on Libraries.


Libraries and Voters: Local Leaders Tip Sheet

Use this one-page handout with your local election commission, elected officials, leaders, and organizational partners to highlight the ways libraries support voter participation and education

State Voting & Election Toolkits-ALA's Government Documents Round Table

Developed by a team of librarians from across the country, the toolkits provide state-by-state voting and election information, including registration forms, polling places, deadlines, and more. General resources such as lesson plans and voting hotlines are included as well. GODORT (Government Documents Round Table) created these resources so that librarians can use as-is or adapt to meet the information needs of their libraries.

Voting and Election Resources for Teachers and Students-ALA's Government Documents Round Table

This collection of civic education resources from government agencies includes lesson plans, overviews of federal government, and resources to help students learn how to be informed voters.

Media Literacy in the Library: A Guide for Library Practitioners-ALA

This guide offers resources and ideas to plan programs and activities to teach media literacy skills to adults and to integrate these skills into programming already in place at libraries. Chapters include architecture of the internet, civics, misinformation and disinformation, and more.

ALA Voter Engagement Partners


Libraries and Voter Engagement in the News

For additional information on ALA's voter engagement resources, contact:

Gavin Baker,
Deputy Director, Public Policy and Government Relations

For press and media requests related to ALA's voter engagement activities, contact:

Shawnda Hines
Deputy Director, Communications
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