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An assortment of Banned Books Week 2024 merchandise with the theme Freed Between the Lines. Text reads: "Get Ready for Banned Books Week: Shop on the ALA Store"

Banned Books Week is an annual event that highlights the benefits of unrestricted reading and draws attention to censorship attempts. Raise awareness about the freedom to read with these bold products. Sales support the American Library Association's work in defending and promoting the right to access information. Find more products in the ALA Store.

Banned Books Week 2024

We can find freedom in the pages of a book. But book bans and censorship threaten that freedom, along with many other rights and institutions. During Banned Books Week 2024 (September 22-28, 2024) and beyond, let’s share our love of right to read and the freedom found in books. Let’s be Freed Between the Lines!

Image of a poster with the 2024 Banned Books Week theme. Artwork shows words emerging from a stylized book. Text reads: "Freed Between the Lines." ALA logo and URL are at the bottom.

Coming Soon: Freed Between the Lines Poster

Use this liberating poster to stimulate discussions and bring readers together to support the freedom to read.

Available in mid to late April.


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Image of the cover of the The Book Report: Titles targeted for Censorship 2023

Coming Soon: The Book Report

The Book Report (formerly known as The Field Report) examines attempts to curtail the freedom to read in 2023, offering more information about censorship attacks on the Top 10 Most Challenged Books of 2023, as well as details on an additional 10 titles. This annual report is the perfect handout for those who don’t know about the scope of censorship in libraries and for readers who want to stay informed about recent attempts to restrict access to information.

Available in the ALA Store in June.

You can also browse past Field Reports for free on the OIF blog.


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Top Ten Most Challenged Books of 2023 Bookmark

Top 10 Most Challenged Books of 2023 Bookmark

Print Version | Digital Verson

Banned Books Week 2024 Bookmark: Freed Between the Lines

Freed Between the Lines Bookmark


Freed Between the Lines Multilingual Bookmark

Featured languages: 
Spanish, French, Chinese (traditional), Tagalog, Vietnamese, Arabic, Korean, Russian, German, and Hindi


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Image shows sticker and notebook with a logo that says I READ BANNED BOOKS

I Read Banned Books

Show the world that you read banned books with these stickers and portable jotters!

I Read Banned Books Blue Stickers

I Read Banned Books Jotter COMING SOON

Image shows a variety of merchandise that reads "LET FREEDOM READ"

Let Freedom Read

Reading banned books benefits our empathy, our worldview, and our democracy. Use these colorful products to show your support for the freedom to read!

Let Freedom Read poster

Let Freedom Read bookmark

Let Freedom Read multilingual bookmark

Let Freedom Read stickers

Let Freedom Read buttons


Image of a stack of bracelets in various colors with text that reads "BOOKS UNITE US. CENSORSHIP DIVIDES US. READ A BANNED BOOK" and "Let FREEDOM READ"


Make a powerful statement with these silicone bracelets! Each variety comes in a package of fifteen bracelets, three each of five colors. Let Freedom Read: orange, pink, yellow, blue, red. Books Unite Us: green, orange, navy, plum, coral.

Let Freedom Read bracelets

Books Unite Us bracelets

Image of various swag items with the 2022 Banned Books Week theme, including a t-shirt, tote bag, and colorful magnet.

Don't forget your swag.

Let Freedom Read with an array of Banned Books Week 2023 apparel, tote bags, magnets, and more, all available through the ALA Graphics Store!

Banned Books Week 2024 merch COMING SOON!


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