Office for Accreditation

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   225 N. Michigan Avenue, Suite 1300
   Chicago, IL 60601
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Linda Lysoby, Interim Director through 30 Jun 2024

Jose Ortiz, Associate Director


Oversight Group and Meeting Schedule


The ALA Office for Accreditation (OA) serves the general public, students, employers, and library and information studies Master's programs through the promotion and advancement of education in library and information studies.

The ALA Office for Accreditation:

  • Ensures fair and equitable accreditation reviews of library and information studies programs,
  • Provides external review and validation of master's level library and information studies programs,
  • Promotes diversity and inclusiveness in library and information studies education,
  • Consults and assists in the development and advancement of library and information studies education,
  • Communicates with constituencies regarding activities,
  • Anticipates and prepares for the changing environment and the future needs of constituencies,
  • Manages our operations and resources to be effective, responsive and relevant.


Responsibilities of the Office for Accreditation include: