Training & Programming


A privacy-focused library starts with its staff. Robust privacy education for staff translates into staff that can teach users about privacy. Staff also become advocates for protecting their right to privacy in the library.

  • NYC Digital Safety: Privacy & Security – Seven online training modules for library staff. Modules feature core concepts in data privacy and online security. A three-hour training curriculum is also available.
  • School Library Workers Privacy Training - Gain a solid understanding of library privacy and confidentiality principles needed to support K-12 students. Test your knowledge by responding to 15 common school library situations related to privacy. The resource can be used individually or as the basis for professional development.
  • Data Privacy Project – Learning modules and curriculum to train library staff on:
    • How information travels
    • How information is shared online
    • What risks users commonly encounter online
    • How libraries can better protect user privacy.

Not only do library workers have a responsibility to protect user privacy, there is an obligation to educate users about privacy more broadly. Programming should instruct users of all ages about privacy tools and tactics they can use to lead a healthy online life.

Programming in Academic Libraries

As institutions that validate and structure the boundaries of knowledge, promote inquiry, and disseminate new knowledge, institutions of higher education have an implied role in defending creative exploration and experimentation. In serving universities and colleges, academic libraries and librarians are not only committed to practicing privacy and confidentiality, but also to teaching their importance as a cornerstone of intellectual freedom.

Programming in Public Libraries

Lesson Plans for School Libraries

Electronic Frontier Foundation: Surveillance Self-Defense for LGBTQ Youth – Aimed at individual LGBTQ students to support anonymity of their online activities.

Need information on student and minor privacy laws? Check out the Students & Minors section.

Updated October 2021