ALA Membership FAQs

Have questions about ALA Membership? Please take a look at these frequently asked questions about becoming a member, managing your member account, and renewing your membership. If you don't see the answer to your question here you can email us at


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Becoming a Member

Should I choose a personal membership for me, or an organizational membership for my library?
ALA offers two membership pathways for the library community. Personal memberships are designed to support you and your personal career growth, and include discounts on e-learning opportunities and our conferences as well as opportunities for leadership and volunteering. Organizational membership extends discounts to your library, including discounts on purchases from the ALA store as well as discounts on job postings. Both memberships provide up to date information on the library profession through a subscription to American Libraries and Library Worklife newsletter.

How do I join a division or round table?
Membership in a division or round table is an ideal way to connect with like-minded professionals and find resources specific to your interests, your job role and/or the type of library you work in. If you are already an ALA member, you can join any division or round tables that are of interest to you online at anytime. You do not need to wait until your renewal as your dues will prorate to align with your ALA membership expiration date.

Why do I have to join ALA to join a division or round table?
ALA represents library workers and libraries of all types, and ALA’s divisions and round tables are part of ALA’s umbrella organization. ALA is designed to be your career partner – and division and round tables offer more personalized experiences throughout your career. Membership with ALA also supports our advocacy work on the Hill, which is the most valued benefit of membership, as well as supporting ALA’s work around intellectual freedom, diversity and literacy outreach, and international relations.

My Membership Account -

Where do I find my ALA ID number or update my contact information?
Your portal includes your member information including your ID# and your contact information. You can make any changes to your account and tell us a bit more about you and your interests. You can also find the list of your divisions and round table memberships as well as your committee participation.

I’ve forgotten my login information, how do I find it?
Using your ALA ID# and/or the email address on your account, you can request a link to reset your password here.

Where can I get a membership card or receipt?
When you become a  member, or renew your membership, you receive a digital ALA membership card and a confirmation receipt The membership card is not needed to access any of your membership benefits but is a great way to showcase your pride in being an ALA member. If you need either of these emailed to you, please contact us at

How can I change my communication preferences or re-subscribe to ALA communications?
Your communication preferences are located on under My Account > My Preferences. Not only can you update your preferences, but you can also resubscribe yourself to ALA emails in case you have inadvertently unsubscribed from everything.

Renewing My Membership

How do I get an invoice to renew my membership?
Approximately two months prior to your membership expiration, we will email you an invoice for you to renew your membership. We will also mail you an invoice prior to your expiration. We encourage you to pay online to avoid any disruption in your membership benefits; however we do accept payment by check as well. ALA offers a grace period before your membership benefits lapse. Find a copy of ALA's current W-9 here.

How do I pay my dues in installments?
ALA offers semi-annual installment payment options to all members who pay their dues online. When you renew online, select, “Installments” as your payment option. 6 months of dues will be charged immediately, and the second half of your membership dues will automatically be charged halfway through your membership year. A $3 service fee is charged to you which breaks down to $1.50 for each payment.

What if I’m not working?
ALA offers a discounted rate for unemployed library workers or those earning less than $30,000 annually. You are able to select this “Non-Salaried” membership rate when you renew your membership, and you can maintain that membership rate as long as you need to. We encourage you to consider the semi-annual installment option as well when renewing.

What if I'm retired or retiring soon? 
ALA offers a discounted rate for those who retired from library and information services or related activities. A discount may also apply to some divisions and round tables. You are able to select this membership type upon renewal.


I'm missing an issue of my journal, am I able to request a replacement? 
Yes, please complete this ALA Journal Claims Form.

What if I still can’t find the answer to my question?
Contact us at any time.