Workforce Development

The American Library Association promotes equal access to information for all persons and recognizes the ongoing need to increase awareness of and responsiveness to the diversity of our communities. In order to accomplish this, however, libraries must utilize multivariate resources and strategies. In the library workforce, concrete programs of recruitment, training, development, advancement and promotion are needed in order to increase and retain diverse library personnel who are reflective of the society we serve. ALA has created a number of initiatives to build a representative workforce and has developed resources to assist libraries in attracting and retaining personnel from underrepresented groups.

ALA's Recruitment Initiatives

  • Century Scholarship

    The Century Scholarship provides funding for students with disabilities to complete the course of study for a Master's or Doctorate in Library Science.
  • Spectrum Scholarship

    The Spectrum Scholarship Program is ALA's national diversity and recruitment effort designed to address the specific issue of underrepresentation of critically needed ethnic librarians within the profession while serving as a model for ways to bring attention to larger diversity issues in the future.
  • ALA Scholarships for Underrepresented Groups

    More information on the variety of scholarships offered by ALA units to assist library school students from traditionally underrepresented groups.
  • Affiliated Associations of Ethnic Librarians

    A number of ALA Affiliates provide scholarships geared toward promoting careers in library and information science to underrepresented groups. These groups additionally provide leadership and professional development to librarians and promote library services for specific groups.

Workforce Development and Retention Resources

  • Recruitment for Diversity

    Resources from ALA's Office for Diversity, Literacy and Outreach Services to assist libraries in recruiting a diverse staff.