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Whether frontline staff or provider of technical services out of public view, whether experienced or novice, everyone working or volunteering in the library is a library advocate, in the company of hundreds of thousands of others who, every day, convey how the work of libraries is central to their communities. Library advocacy happens every day, year round, and every member of the library community has a role to play in turning passive support for libraries into action that ensures a strong, sustainable future for libraries and the communities they serve.

As the national voice for libraries since 1873, ALA supports advocates working at the local, state, and national levels to maintain and increase support for libraries, library workers, and the communities they serve. Working closely with member leaders, ALA sets a national library policy agenda and supports the priorities of its state association partners. These pages will connect you with information and opportunities to learn, advocate, and connect with others.


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Recent State & Local Advocacy

ALA and AASL Urge CT Board of Education to Adopt National School Library Standards (view PDF)

ALA Opposes Efforts to Censor Books in Schools and Libraries:

ALA and AASL Support DC City Council's Students' Right to Read Amendment (view PDF)