Retouching a Damaged Photo

Dear Donia,
Where can I get my damaged wedding photo retouched?

damaged wedding photo


Q. Dear Donia,

I left a wedding photograph that was in a Lucite frame (open on two sides) in my car as I wanted to make copies for my children. Apparently the heat in the car brought out two stains on my wedding dress. It is the only photo I have, and I am distraught. Can you recommend where I can take the photo to be retouched? I truly appreciate your expertise. Thank you, Roz

A. Dear Roz,

I am so sorry to hear this has happened! Your best bet is to get a high-quality scan of the photo as the new digital print can be manipulated to remove the stains and you get your copies for your children all in one go. I do not know of anyone in the West Hempsted area but there should be several photo restoration experts in the NYC area. A quick Google search should come up with someone near by. 

Good luck!