Duplicating a Scrapbook

Dear Donia,
How do I create multiple copies of a scrapbook?



Q. Dear Donia,

I'm assembling family history scrapbooks that will contain many photos and some artifacts (e.g., concert programs, diplomas, news clippings, perhaps small textiles or objects). However, I have three daughters and seven grandchildren and don't know how to make multiple copies of the scrapbooks I'll be creating. Please suggest solutions/options. Thank you so much, Polly 

A. Dear Polly,

What a great idea! My great aunt did the same thing at one point and made copies of everything but she only had two children that she was making scrapbooks for. 

In my opinion, the best approach would be to scan and print out all the photographs, diplomas, news clippings, and concert program covers. This would be something for you have one of your children or grandchildren do so that everyone has a copy of the same base scrapbook. You could then verify who got the originals in their scrapbook. I would avoid putting textiles or objects in the scrapbook as they cause a lot of headaches down the road by damaging or deforming all the other items in the scrapbook.

Good luck with your project!