How to Archive Family Photos

Dear Donia,
What is the best way to archive family photos?

archiving photos

Q. Dear Donia,

Is it best to archive older family photos in chronological order by years as the family grew, or in subjects like Christmas in our family or weddings in our family. I can see the value of both. Thanks, Linda

A. Dear Linda,

This is a great question and there is no definitive answer. The best that I can give you is to select a system and be consistent in its application. You could categorize by subject and then chronologically within each subject. For those images that don't fit into a subject, they can be miscellaneous and be strictly chronological. 

The most important thing is to keep good notes and be consistent. That way you will be able to find the images you want easily.

I can recommend two books which might be of use to you. First is "Creating Family Archives" by Margot Note. The other is "The Unofficial Family Archivist" by Melissa Mannon. Both should be helpful in figuring out how to organize your photos. Good luck!