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Inspiration, ideas, scope, committee, support, and partners

About Preservation Week

What Is Preservation Week?

Why Do Collections Need Preservation Week?

Fact Sheet: Preservation Week


Event Ideas for Beginners: Easy, Low-Cost Ideas to Celebrate Preservation Week

More Ideas for Programs and Events throughout the Year

Speakers, Finding a Speaker: PW Speaker Locator (site currently unavailable)

Show a free Preservation Week webinar to a group

Partner to Celebrate Preservation Week

Checklist for Event Planning


Help with handouts: logos, bookmarks, posters, PSA audio files, event flyers and more

Tips for Writing Press Releases

Press Release TEMPLATE

Letter to the Editor TEMPLATE

Event Flyer TEMPLATE 

PSAs: Public Service Announcement Scripts 

Add your event to the Preservation Week Event Map (site)

Preservation Week Press Kit and Publicity Tools websites (from ALA's Public Information Office).


Evaluate Your Preservation Week Event

Download the whole Event Planning Guide at once: (.docx  |  .pdf)