Safely Using Archival Glue

Dear Donia,
Does archival glue expire?

archival glue


Q. Dear Donia,

Does archival glue expire? My mother passed away last year and in her amongst her things I found two bottles of Lineco Neutral pH Adhesive. There are no dates on them, but I'm sure they are many, many years old; perhaps even ten or more years. Upon inspection, the glue appears to be fine (no congealing, drying out, or yellowing). Is the glue still safe and effective to use? Thanks! Sean

A. Dear Sean,

Great question! Archival glue does not expire but it can go moldy. So, if you do not see any mold growing in the bottle, test it on something and make sure that it still sticks (it should). Before using, give it a good stir or shake in case settling has occurred.