Flattening Crinkled Photos

Dear Donia,
How do I flatten crinkled photos?

crinkled photo

Q. Dear Donia,

I have some color photos that have been in a frame for a few years, and they have become crinkled and wavy. Is there anything
I can do to make them flat again? It is very obvious when light reflects off them. Thanks, Marie

A. Dear Marie,

I am sorry to hear that your photos are reacting this way. Photographs will get wavy just as yours did from reactions with the changes in relative humidity common in the Midwest. Most modern color photographs that you purchase from a gallery or the photographer are mounted to board which helps keep them in plane. You might want to check with a local framer to see if they have the means to mount these photos for you. Usually this is done with heat mounting press as you want to limit the amount of moisture.

I have no doubt you can find someone in the Milwaukee area who can help you with this.