Removing Tape from a Signature on a Baseball

Dear Donia,
How do I safely remove Scotch Tape on the signature of a baseball?

signed babe ruth baseball

Q. Dear Donia,

I have a signed Babe Ruth baseball from the early 1930s. The original recipient, who gave it to my husband, put Scotch Tape over the signature.  Is there a way to remove the tape and residue safely? Thank you kindly for your advice, Ellen

A. Dear Ellen,

Tape is the bane of every conservator's existence - but it keeps us in work! There isn't anything you can do to remove the tape yourself as any effort could remove the signature along with the adhesive. You will want to contact a conservator. In Canada, you can find a conservator near you by using the Canadian Association for Conservation "Find a Conservator" page or the equivalent at the American Institute for Conservation which also has a lot of Canadian conservators as members. 

I hope you can find someone to help—this sounds like a wonderful piece of history to have, and not only of Babe Ruth but also as the memory of those close to us.