Franklin Habit's Advice from Donia

Donia Conn


In a special series of posts to "Dear Donia," Donia responds to questions from Franklin Habit, the honorary chair of Preservation Week 2017, about his personal collection of textiles and other keepsakes.

If you have your own preservation questions for Donia, please send them to Dear Donia

Franklin Habit


Preserving a doily

Franklin Habit doily

Q. Dear Donia, What's the best way to preserve a doily made by my great-grandmother? | more





Storing an antique Easter basket cover

Franklin Habit's Easter basket cover

Q. Dear Donia, What's the best way to store an antique Easter basket cover? | more




Showcasing vintage promotional cards

Franklin Habit's vintage promo cards

Q. Dear Donia, I have vintage promtional cards from yarn manufacturers in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. How can I showcase them? more





Preserving a knitter's notebook

Franklin Habit's knitter's notebook

Q. Dear Donia, I have an antique knitter's notebook. How do I preserve it? | more