Salvaging a Damaged Recipe Binder

Dear Donia,

How do I salvage my mother's damaged recipe binder? 

damaged recipe binder

Q. Dear Donia,

My brothers and I all grew up on the recipes in the red-ringed recipe binder, and I was so delighted when my mother chose me to be the "keeper" of this treasured book. However, the book has been ruined from time spent in busy restaurant kitchens being handled by chefs who used her recipes. The book is severely damaged with stained pages. I am heartbroken, and all I want is the book to be restoredor at least salvagedso that I can hand it on to my own daughter. And it’s not just the recipesit’s seeing my mother's hand writing and the memories from childhood that it brings. Please help! Thanks, 
Thank you, Allison

A. Dear Allison,

I am so sorry to hear about the damage that your mother's notebook has endured. The best thing for you and your children to do is to consult with a conservator to see what can be done. There are a lot of possibilities and a conservator can help you find the right fit for your expectations and budget. 

I see from your information that you are in the UK. Like in the US with the American Institute for Conservation's Find a Conservator list, the UK's Institute for Conservation (ICON) also has a conservation register that will help you find an accredited conservator near you. 

Good luck with this project. I think it is a great birthday present!