Protecting a Label on an Antique Buffet

Dear Donia,
What is the best way tp protect a label on furniture during a move?

Antique buffet

Q. Dear Donia,

We have a very old buffet. On the back is the original label from when this piece of furniture was new. We need to move the buffet, but want to be sure the label is not accidentally torn off or damaged in any way. What is the best way to protect the label during the move? Thank you, Jody

A. Dear Jody,

The best way to protect the label during the move is to cover it with something. I tend to use polyester sheeting (sold as Mylar or Melinex) as it is strong and tear resistant.  Otherwise, you can use something like a polyethylene sheet protector. Simply tape the clear plastic over the top with painter's tape (lower tack and shouldn't leave as much tape residue). If the plastic seems too apt to tear during the move, you can place the tape over the top of the plastic to help protect it.

Good luck with your move.