Restoring and Preserving a Damaged Label

Dear Donia,
How can I restore and preserve a damaged label?

cranberry crate label


Q. Dear Donia,

I bought a wonderful cranberry crate, but the label is cracked and pealing. I want to keep it on and help it from peeling more. What can I do to make it stick again without ruining it? I have cats and am afraid they will scratch it once I put it out. Thank you, Cyndi 

A. Dear Cyndi,

Labels are tricky things but you can make a basic paste from flour and water (I prefer King Arthur All-Purpose Flour as it has fewer additives). Once the cooked paste has cooled, you can reattach the pieces that are peeling so that everything is stuck down. It won't keep your cats from scratching but there won't be any catch points. If you want to make sure your cats cant' you would have to put a protective layer over the top that is much stronger than anything you could brush on. A piece of polyester sheeting held on with double-stick tape would work but it would detract from the beauty of the piece. Unfortunately, if you don't want them to scratch the label, this is what you will have to do.

Best of luck to you!