Restoring an Old Survey Map

Dear Donia,
How do I restore an old, faded survey map?

survey map

Q. Dear Donia,

Is there any way to restore or re-ink an old and very faded survey map? It is an early city survey map, maybe early 1900's (purple survey ink). In the event that this is a lost cause, do you know if there is a repository of old city surveys that we could order a copy of this one from? Thanks, Kathleen

A. Dear Kathleen,

There isn't any good way to re-ink an old map but you may be able to restore it digitally if it is a manageable size.

Your idea to find another copy is actually the best route to take. I would recommend starting with your county clerk's office as they often have copies of all the survey maps. If your county clerk doesn't have it, you could check with your state library. They often have large map collections related to the state. Finally, if all else fails, you can check the collections at the Library of Congress. It would be a long shot, but they do have amazing collections.

Good luck with your search! Best, Donia