Scanning Newspaper Pages

Dear Donia,

What vendors provide equipment for scanning full newspaper pages? 


Q. Dear Donia,

I work at a tribal library and we have "newspaper yearbooks". Are there vendors that provide equipment big enough to scan full newspaper pages? Thanks, Darryl

A. Dear Darryl,

There are several reputable vendors that provide scanning large enough to scan full newspaper pages. The question you will need to ask yourself is if you want to retain the bound volumes of newspapers or if it is all right for the vendor to disbind the volume and scan each individual page on its own. This decision will help you determine which vendor to select as some will have the capability to scan the full book and others only the capability to scan the unbound pages.

I do not have the names of anyone in Arizona but you should be able to get names of potential vendors from the Arizona State Library or the Arizona State Archives. They usually have lists of vendors (they can't recommend anyone) that you can contact to find your best fit.

I hope this helps.