Preservation Resources

Creating a Digital Community Archive
Tips and resources for creating a digital community archive.

Disaster Recovery
Information for before and after a disaster has damaged precious collections.

Handling Library Materials and Collections During a Pandemic
Information and resources on handling library materials and collections during a pandemic.

The Preservation Message in Other Languages
Spanish, French, Chinese, Italian, and Arabic resources.

Preserving Your Memories and Saving Your Stuff
Organized by material type, these webpages provide resources for learning more about taking care of your collections.

Bibliographies & Indexes
A list of links to resources collected by professional preservation organizations

Highlighting Communities

When groups of people within our communities have similar preservation needs, we will try to provide resources for meeting those needs.

Resources for Military Families
Information for the specific challenges that come with documenting and preserving a military career.

Preservation for Children
Tools to help children understand the importance of preservation.

Other Websites for Getting Started

Preservation Week Fact Sheet
More facts that discusses how Items become damaged and simple steps to keep items safe.

Preservation Facts and Stats
Shocking facts that illustrate why Preservation Week is needed.

Preservation Videos
Video resources depict ways and reasons to preserve collections

Caring for Your Treasures
American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works (AIC)
Guidelines on selecting and working with a conservator as well as brochures on caring for special objects, architecture, books, ceramics and glass objects, furniture, metal objects,paintings, photographic materials, works of art on paper, and home videos.

How to Preserve Papers, Books, Photographs and Textiles
Video from "The History Detectives" at PBS.

Preserve Your Family Treasures
Minnesota Historical Society
Learn from conservators and curators how to preserve and organize your family papers so they'll be available for future generations. This site also has good information about preserving photographs and metals.

Caring for Your Artifacts
Henry Ford Museum
This guide includes information about textiles and costumes, archival materials, brass and bronze, clocks, furniture and wooden objects, glass and ceramics, historical iron, historical silver, log buildings, oil paintings, photographic prints, and art on paper.

Preparing, Protecting, Preserving Family Treasures
Library of Congress
Simple and concise instructions on the care and storage of books, motion picture film, photographs, newspapers, sound recordings, and print materials.

Smithsonian Museum Conservation Institute
Guidelines to help you to preserve a variety of objects and materials: furniture, paintings, paper based materials, textiles, toys, watches and clocks, and more.

Conservation/Preservation Information for the General Public
Conservation Online (CoOL)
CoOL is a resource and discussion list for conservation professionals, but they've created a special section for information relevant to the general public.

Saving Your Treasures
Based on a NET Television program featuring professionals from the Nebraska State Historical Society's Gerald R. Ford Conservation Center and the State Library Commission, this site provides quick tips and informative video tutorials about preserving a variety of artifacts.

Books of Fiction About Books For Book Groups

Books of Fiction About Conservation