Removing Photos Mounted on Card Stock

Dear Donia,
How can I remove photos mounted on card stock in an old photo album?

1940s Photo Album

Q. Dear Donia,

I have a photo album from the 1940's. The photos are mounted back to back on card stock. Any advice about how to remove them without damage would be greatly appreciated! Thank you, Chris

A. Dear Chris,

Without being able to see the album in person, it will be very difficult for me to tell you how to remove the photos.
Rather than removing the photos, which can be tricky and should not be attempted, there are other options for you. First, and most expensive, you could find a conservator who could examine the album and remove the photos for you. Alternately, you could digitize each page and print each photo so you had loose copies to share with family. The original album pages with their photographs could then be put into folders and those folders into a box—preserving the original  photographs and format. This second option is the safest for the photographs and would guarantee no damage would come to them.
Sorry I couldn't give you the information you wanted but there are other, better options.