Preservation for Families

“Libraries are sometimes thought of as bringing knowledge to a community. But in every community surrounding a library, there exists a unique set of customs, traditions, experiences, and viewpoints that are often overlooked. These are the imaginations of the children, the hopes of the teenagers, and the experiences of the adults. The local library, in whatever setting, has the opportunity to record these aspirations and preserve them for the future.” —Edward Hutchins.

1. Create Your Family Archive

Creating a family archive is one of the most rewarding projects you and your family can undertake. In fact, an archiving project brings family members together.

This video from the BYU History Library contains information about setting goals, deciding what to keep, and conducting research.


2. Create a Time Capsule

Memories and treasures should last a lifetime and be passed on to future generations. Family activities like making a time capsule are a great way to share memories and help children learn some science.

Create a time capsule

3. Take the Time to Record Your Family Stories

To get started, watch "National Day of Listening - Do-It-Yourself companion video", from StoryCorps.

4. A Game of Stories

Preserve your family memories with this home made
Family Fun Board Game.

“The object of the game is to be the first to return home with a box full of treasures collected during a trip through old neighborhoods. But the race to win is only half the fun; the real entertainment is in the reminiscing as players relive family history."

6. Find Your Story, Keep Your Heritage

Is there a mystery surrounding your family heritage or an heirloom? The History Detectives at PBS have a video describing detective techniques.  You can also submit a story.