Preservation Week

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April 24 - April 30, 2016

Preservation Resources Events

Saving Your Stuff

Get advice: Learn how to care for your items

Disaster recovery

Attend one of this year's free webinars

Get started with preservation

Plan a Preservation Week event

  • Event planner: ideas, handouts, checklist, evaluation tools
  • Event tools: PW artwork and logos, bookmarks, handouts, posters,

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About Preservation Week Communities and News

What is Preservation Week?

Why do we need Preservation Week?

How can we raise awareness of the need for preservation of collections of all kinds?

Preservation close to home

Preservation for military families; kids; and families

Honorary Chair, Brad Meltzer: poster, public service announcements

Future Preservation Week dates include:
2017: April 23–29
2018: April 22–28
2019: April 21–27
2020: April 26–May 2