How to Preserve the Pages of an Old Scrapbook

Dear Donia,
How do I properly preserve the pages of an old scrapbook?

1918 scrapbook

Q. Dear Donia,

I have a scrapbook that is on wall paper from 1918 with articles and cartoons during World War I. I plan to digitize it (already know how to do that), but I would like to preserve the pages. All the archival sleeves I have found are not big enough. What can I use? Thanks, Elizabeth

A. Dear Elizabeth,

What a wonderful artifact and a great example of wartime ingenuity! I love the old wallpaper, it adds an extra fun dimension to the piece.

I am glad to hear you are digitizing this and have that end of things well under control. For storing the physical object when you are done, I recommend putting each page into a folder and those folders into a box. I have found buffered oversize folders and corresponding box for example.

The box should then be stored somewhere where it is safe from extreme conditions so basements and attics are not good choices. A bedroom closet or hall linen closet are good choices.

Good luck with your project, It sounds like a lot of fun.