Mounting an a Sampler to Mat Board

mounted samplerDear Donia,
How do I stitch an antique sampler to mat board?

Q. Dear Donia,

I want to stitch an antique sampler to museum quality mat board in preperation for framing. How thick/thin should the mat board be? Thanks, Gay

A. Dear Gay,

Stitching an antique sampler onto a board for display is not difficult if you have the right materials but does require several steps. The Minnesota Historical Society provides some helpful tips that will describe the process. In addition to what the PDF says, I would recommend using a simple cotton muslin. It is inexpensive and stable. I would also strongly recommend getting spacers for the frame so that the glass is not in direct contact with the sampler as condensation can lead to problems with mold. Finally, don't hand the sampler in direct sunlight or in any brightly lit area to prevent fading of the dyes in the threads.