Safely Storing a Sterling Silver Necklace

Dear Donia,
How do I properly store a sterling silver necklace?

storing a necklace

Q. Dear Donia,

What would be the best method for storing a 24" long sterling silver necklace with a pewter pendant? Should the chain and pendant be stored separately? Should I use some type of tarnish inhibitor? I've read online that it's okay to wrap jewelry in archival tissue paper and seal it in an archival plastic bag because limiting contact with air is important to reduce tarnishing. Is this accurate? Many thanks, Sean

A. Dear Sean,

While archival tissue is fine if you can't afford anything else, it is not ideal as residual chemicals in paper, as well as plasticizers in plastics, can cause tarnishing of the silver rather than protecting from it. The best approach would be to use a silver-safe cloth such as Pacific Silvercloth. It is treated to reduce tarnishing. I have some at home for my silver objects and my sterling silverware and it works really well. 

If the necklace is stored somewhere dry and in the silvercloth, you should be able to store it with the pewter as long as the pewter is not already starting to corrode.