How to Treat and Digitize Old Photos

Dear Donia,
How do I treat and digitize old photos?

Digitizing photos

Q. Dear Donia,

I have family photos from the last century displayed in old frames. I want to digitize the photos. How should I treat them, and is it okay to take them out of their frames, and, if so, should I put them back in? Thank you very much, Grizelda

A. Dear Grizelda,

Great idea to digitize your old family photos. It is the best way to share family history with the entire family and not just one person!

It is safe to take the photos out of the frames to digitize them. It also will let you see if there is any writing on the backs to identify people, date, location, or event. Use caution when taking the photo out of the frame if there is no mat between the glass and the photo. Photos can sometimes become adhered to the glass over time so you don't want to cause damage to the image before you get a chance to digitize it.

When you put the photos back in the frames, you may want to consider using mats to keep the photo off the glass. If there is no room for a mat in your current frame you can get larger frames or you can use what are called spacers. Ideally, these are gotten from a local framer since if you order them yourself, you usually get much more than you ever need. Your most likely can get some from framers in Kilmarnock. If not, Glasgow would definitely have somewhere to get spacers.

On a side note, I studied at the Kings College Aberdeen when I was much younger and miss Scotland.