2014 Book Challenges Infographic

The Office for Intellectual Freedom and the Public Information Office partnered on an infographic about 2014 book challenges as part of the State of America's Library Report

Challenges by reason, initiator & institution for 1990-99 and 2000-09

These figures are pulled from our Challenge Database by decades 1990-99 and 2000-2009. Please contact the Office for Intellectual Freedom (800-545-2433, ext. 4220; if you have any questions regarding the graphs below. 

Challenges by Reasons graph

See Challenges by reasons, 1990-90, and Challenges by reasons, 2000-09


Challenges by initiator graph

See also: Challenges by initiator, 1990-99, and Challenges by initiator, 2000-09


Challenges by institution graph

See also: Challenges by institution, 1990-99, and Challenges by institution, 2000-09

The Top Ten Most Frequently Challenged books list is compiled with expert analysis by the Office for Intellectual Freedom staff. “Challenges” are documented requests to remove materials from schools or libraries.  Removal would restrict access to this information by other library users. This list is not scientifically compiled.  Rather, it is a snapshot of the reports we receive every day. In some cases we get numerous details about the challenger, the nature of the complaint, the backstory, and the current status of the book.  And in some cases we get very little. Sometimes we receive information during the challenge event, sometimes many years later. These factors affect the total number of challenged books for any given year and how we inform the public.

Our goal is not to focus on the numbers, but to educate the community that censorship is still a very serious problem. Even with all of our efforts to follow up and provide support, surveys indicate that up to 85% of book challenges receive no media attention and remain unreported.