Summary of Positions

  • ALA supports fully funding efforts to modernize the Copyright Office’s technological infrastructure and maintain the Office within the Library of Congress.
  • ALA supports the fastest possible ratification of the Marrakesh Treaty to provide accessible published works to more than 4 million people with visual impairments and other people with print disabilities in the U.S. and rapid adoption of implementing legislation and legislative history as successfully negotiated by all major stakeholders under the auspices of the Senate Judiciary and Foreign Relations Committees.

The Issue

Copyright is at the core of almost everything that libraries and librarians do. Library workers purchase over $4 billion in copyrighted materials annually, loan copyrighted material to the public, rely on Fair Use to facilitate public access to information, provide materials accessible to those with special needs, and preserve culturally and commercially valuable information. Libraries are leaders in trying to maintain a balance of power between copyright holders and users. In this role, ALA follows both federal and state legislation and works with Congress and in the courts to strike a balance in copyright law that honors the Constitutional purpose of copyright: "to promote progress in science and useful arts." ALA is actively working for law and policy that incentivizes creativity with exclusive rights and affords everyone access to and use of copyrighted works.


Staff Contact

Carrie Russell
Associate Director, Public Policy and Advocacy