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Report CensorshipALA, established in 1876, has a longstanding commitment to defend intellectual freedom in libraries. Even before the formal adoption of the Library Bill of Rights in 1939, ALA has provided support, guidance, and resources to librarians faced with censorship. Since 1990, the ALA Office for Intellectual Freedom (OIF) has maintained a database on challenged materials. ALA gathers information from media reports and individual reports submitted from the form below.


Reporting censorship and challenges to materials, resources, and services is vital to developing the best resources to defend library resources and to protect against challenges before they happen. The information gathered from these reports helps OIF:

  1. stay aware of developments in the profession
  2. supply library workers with crucial tools, resources, workshops, and programs
  3. compile the Top 10 Most Challenged Books list and trend reports for public awareness


OIF staff will be in contact to offer assistance and support. Even if support is not needed, please report challenges. Your report is confidential unless you tell us otherwise. Visit the ALA Fight Censorship clearinghouse of resources, statements, partners, and graphics for more information and additional ways you can defend the freedom to read and support others facing censorship.



1. What are you reporting? * 

If the previous response is “Materials Challenge”

To report multiple titles in the same challenge, add them in the description or email the full list to Please complete additional forms for separate challenges. 


2. Please describe the incident. * 


3. When did this happen? * 


4. Who initiated the challenge or raised the issue? * 


5. Why did the initiator say this was of concern? * 

Where did this happen? 


9. May ALA have your permission to disclose additional information in our public reports? * 


10. How can we help you? 

You are under no obligation to give us this information. But sometimes we need a little more information to understand what happened. Again, we will not reveal your name or information unless you give us express permission. But if you would like us to contact you for more support, or if you are willing to speak confidentially to us further to acquire more details, please provide the following information.

How can we reach you?

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If you would like to report multiple challenges, have questions or would like to report the challenge over the phone, don't hesitate to call 1-800-545-2433 x4226 or email