Thinking Money for Kids

With free resources from ALA and the FINRA Investor Education Foundation, libraries can teach children and their parents, caregivers, and educators about financial topics — like saving, spending, sharing, and budgeting — in a way that is both meaningful and fun.
Thinking Money for Kids

Digital Games

Select Grace, Emma, or Kenji to follow their story and learn how they transformed their childhood interests into successful careers.

A budget is a plan for using and saving the money available to us. Can you sort through wants and needs to balance a $300 budget?

Every day, we make decisions about earning, saving, and spending money. Starting with $500 in your account, follow your own Money Trail.

Follow Jayden's journey at a farmers’ market as he tries to swap goods and learn about money.

You are the best party planner in town, and your friends want your help. Choose from free items or buy new things online as you create the perfect party on a budget.

Pets are great, but it costs money to take care of them. Watch your available funds, and buy things your pet needs and wants to keep it happy.

Do you think you have what it takes to manage a farm and make strategic financial decisions?

"Currency" means money -- both paper money and coins. In these challenges, learn about bills, coins, and what they are worth.

Now at your library! Thinking Money for Kids

Thinking Money for Kids Program Kits

Starting in 2024, 300 public libraries across the United States will offer financial education for young people with Thinking Money for Kids Program Kits. Participating libraries receive a collection of expertly vetted programming resources, for use both in the library and in children’s homes.

Thinking Money for All Kids: Diverse and Inclusive Reads to Teach Young People about Money

Thinking Money for ALL Kids: A Book List for Libraries

Working with a team of librarians, ALA and the FINRA Investor Education Foundation developed a book list that eschews stereotypes and embraces diversity in telling stories and sharing skills related to personal finance and financial capability for children.

The guide highlights 40 recommended titles and includes sections on how to build a diverse financial education collection, program ideas, resources, and tips.

Smart investing@your library

Smart investing@your library

Created by the FINRA Foundation, this series of free professional development modules is designed to prepare library workers to address patrons' financial information needs. Check out the module on Kids and Money.

Explore the Exhibition at Your Library: Thinking Money for Kids

Thinking Money for Kids Traveling Exhibition

Thinking Money for Kids was a museum-quality exhibition that traveled to 50 U.S. public libraries between 2019 and 2023.

Through a bustling community market-themed storyline, digital interactive content and other fun, hands-on activities, the exhibition explored topics like earning money, saving and spending, and making responsible financial decisions.