ALSC Committees

**Notice: ALSC Committee and Division Alignment**

During the February 2020 ALSC Board Meeting, the ALSC board voted to accept the proposed re-alignment changes. Follow the first link below to see the ALSC committee structure effective as of July 1, 2020.


Background information regarding aligning ALSC committee structure


    Current Committees

    ALSC's nearly 60 committees, task forces, and discussion groups are classified into priority groups, which were established according to designated priorities of the ALSC Board of Directors. Each priority group is headed by a priority group consultant, who acts as a liaison between the ALSC Board of Directors/Executive Committee and the committees/discussion groups within his or her priority group.

    ALSC's member leaders carry out the work of the Association, developing valuable programs, publications, and resources for youth librarians. Most committees require in-person meetings at ALA Annual Conference and Midwinter Meeting, but some committees include virtual positions and a few function almost entirely virtually.

    PG1 Advocacy | PG2 Youth Media Lists | PG3 Professional Awards & Scholarships | PG4 Organizational Support | PG5 AwardsPG6 Professional Development

    (v) = virtual 

    Priority Group I - Advocacy 

    Committees and Task Forces

    Early and Family Literacy
    Early Childhood Programs and Services
    Intellectual Freedom
    Library Service to Underserved Children and Their Caregivers Committee
    Public Awareness and Advocacy
    School-Age Programs and Service
    Special Collections and Bechtel Fellowship
    Summer/Out-of-School-Time Learning Task Force

    Discussion Group

    Preschool Services Discussion Group 

    Priority Group II - Youth Media Lists 

    Notable Children's Books
    Notable Children's Digital Media 
    Notable Children's Recordings
    Quicklists Consulting

    Priority Group III - Professional Awards and Scholarships

    Children's Literature Lecture Award 
    Children's Literature Lecture Award - 2021 
    Professional Recognition and Scholarships 
    Programs and Services Recognition 

    Priority Group IV - Organizational Support 

    Committees and Task Forces

    AASL/ALSC/YALSA Interdivisional Committee on School/Public Library Cooperation 
    Diversifying Revenue Streams Task Force 
    Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) within ALSC Implementation Task Force 
    Nominating & Leadership Development - 2021
    Organizational Effectiveness 

    Discussion Group

    BlPOC (Black, Indigenous, and/or People of Color) Discussion Group

    Priority Group V - Awards

    2020 Batchelder Award Selection
    2021 Batchelder Award Selection
    2020 Belpre Award Selection
    2021 Belpré Award Selection
    2020 Caldecott Award Selection 
    2021 Caldecott Award Selection
    2020 Children's Literature Legacy Award
    2021 Children's Literature Legacy Award
    Excellence in Early Learning Digital Media
    2020 Geisel Award Selection
    2021 Geisel Award Selection
    2020 Newbery Award Selection 
    2021 Newbery Award Selection
    2020 Odyssey Award Selection
    2021 Odyssey Award Selection
    2020 Sibert Award Selection
    2021 Sibert Award Selection
    Award Manual Revision Task Force (v)
    (John) Newbery 100th Anniversary Celebration Task Force 
    Pura Belpre 25th Anniversary Planning Task Force
    Pura Belpré Expansion Task Force 

    Priority Group VI - Professional Development

    Committees and Task Forces

    Children and Libraries Editorial Advisory
    Children and Technology 
    Communities of Practice Task Force 
    Managing Children's Services
    National Institute Planning Task Force 
    Program Coordinating  
    Research Agenda Task Force  

    Discussion Groups

    Children's Collection Management Discussion Group 
    Storytelling Discussion Group 


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