Friends of ALSC

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2017 Donors [12/1/16 through 11/30/17]
2016 Donors
 [12/1/15 through 11/30/16]

Our mission

Friends of ALSC was created to ensure excellence in the Association's traditional programs and services and to support growth in new directions as our profession meets the exciting challenges of the 21st century.

Areas of support

As a Friend of ALSC you can choose to support one or more of these initiatives at the core of ALSC's mission:
  • Professional Development - Support opportunities for all members to grow through grants, scholarships, web-based learning and training through new technologies.
  • Early Literacy Projects - Support early literacy initiatives, guaranteeing ALSC's place in the forefront of our nation's literacy campaigns.

Organizational support

The Friends of ALSC support the work of members and celebrate opportunities to grow as professionals. In that vein, the Friends of ALSC lend their support to scholarships and contests such as:
  • Institute Scholarships - In 2014, the Friends of ALSC sponsored two scholarships for ALSC members to attend the 2014 ALSC National Institute in Oakland, Calif. The scholarships included registration and a $1,000 stipend to cover the costs of travel and lodging. 


By donating to Friends of ALSC you are supporting programs and services that impact children around the country. ALA and ALSC offer donors a number of great options for how to give.


The Friends of ALSC enjoy generous support from member of ALSC as well as non-members. Learn more about how ALSC recognizes donors.
If you're interested in giving, please find the Donate section of the Friends of ALSC site where you can learn more about making your donation. See  the current Friends of ALSC donors.

Annual Report

Every year, the Friends of ALSC produce an annual report which highlights the group's activities and events. For more information, please see the downloadable PDFs below.