ALSC Mentoring Program

ALSC Mentoring Program

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The ALSC Mentoring Program seeks to match individuals with an interest in library service to children together for this one-year program. This program is administered by the ALSC Membership Committee and the Managing Children's Services Committee. 

The objectives of ALSC mentoring program are as follows:
1. Build the skills and confidence of early career children’s librarians and those new to the profession
2. Encourage personal and professional connections 
3. Give members the opportunity to acquire peer-taught skills
4. Re-energize and re-invigorate members in their work
5. Create interest and familiarity with ALSC committee service and participation
7. Foster the development of a new cohort of leaders 


Applications for the Fall 2018 program have closed. 

Please fill out our RSVP form if you are interested in future mentoring opportunities.


Working with a match
What goes into a match? Learn how to work with your mentor/mentee.

Suggested activities
Matches are given the freedom to determine their own activities, but ALSC provides a list of suggested activities.

Mentoring resources
Explore mentoring outside of the ALSC mentoring program. Find resources that will help you improve your match.


June 2018: Applications accepted for mentoring program 
August- September 2018: Working group reviews applications and notifications are sent to accepted participants
October - November 2018:  Matches develop best communication practices and submit goals
December 2018 - August 2019: Matches work on fulfilling goals 
August 2019: Wrap-up Survey will be sent to all participants (mentors and mentees). This will conclude the program.