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ALSC provides individuals serving children and families in libraries and other literacy settings with timely and affordable professional development opportunities. ALSC webinars and other virtual offerings run no longer than an hour, and are led by ALSC member-leaders and other practitioners and thought leaders in the field. ALSC offers live and on-demand webinars, archived recordings from virtual events and conferences.

Community Forums

ALSC hosts regular online discussion sessions for ALSC members called Community Forums. These forums are held on Zoom. During the forum, participants can chat live with members of the ALSC Board, ALSC President, fellow ALSC members, and presenters. Members who cannot participate in the live chat can submit questions via email or Twitter (use the hashtag #alscforum). A transcript is also provided after the chat is finished.


Currently, ALSC webinars that are available to the public, for free or for purchase, are housed in the ALA eLearning Site. On this new, centralized eLearning Site, viewers can browse the catalog of ALA content by subject, format, or even ALA division; access their personalized dashboard of all eCourse, webinar, and on-demand content; and more! The new ALA eLearning Site includes new, standardized pricing structures for all ALA eLearning. ALA members receive a 10% discount on all eLearning purchases in the site; ALSC members receive a 50% discount for webinar purchases. Please visit the eLearning Site FAQ page for more information.

UpComing Webinars

Boost Creative Thinking to Serve Kids: The Six Thinking Hats Technique
Wednesday, August 7, 2024 | 1:30-3:00pm CT

Are you stuck in a summer reading slump? Are your storytimes feeling stale? Is your library looking for new ways to reach children and families while maximizing your staff’s skills and talents? Sometimes what we need in administrative planning is a new way of thinking!

Try a proven strategy for streamlining your planning—as a librarian, manager, or administrator—so that your thought processes, discussions, and decision-making produce better results and take less time. Adopt this easy-to-use, fun, and effective new thinking methods tool which reduces the “I’m right, you’re wrong'' tendency. Engage in an activity that explores a problem or situation from multiple angles and thinking modes, collaboratively and productively.

Dorothy Stoltz will lead a demonstration activity of Edward de Bono’s Six Thinking Hats—drawing forth one’s genius to enrich work and life. Six Thinking Hats focuses not on telling you what to think but rather showing you how to think creatively and inclusively.

The Six Thinking Hats is an engaging, yet simple tool that can be used by groups or individuals in small, medium, or large libraries of any type, and with all levels of staff. It is designed to be integrated into staff meetings, project planning, and public program design.
Presenter: Dorothy Stoltz

Tackling Controversial Topics with Kids in the Library
Wednesday, August 21, 2024 | 1:30-3:00pm CT

Librarians and educators are often called upon to serve a young reader going through a crisis—whether it’s family separation, divorce, death, or natural curiosity and confusion about race, sex, gender, and religion. It can be daunting to know what to say in the moment, how much to say, and how to preserve the child's privacy without undermining parents and family. This art-based workshop offers practical strategies for engaging and supporting a child in their own exploration of a tough topic or experience from a place of integrity, compassion, and with healthy boundaries.

In a time of book bans and direct threats to librarians and libraries, responding appropriately to children's curiosity or personal disclosures is a big responsibility. This session offers participants a chance to reflect on forbidden information—whether it’s about us or someone else—by drawing out relevant childhood experiences from our own lives. Using collage alongside directed conversation, the session will help cut through the politicized din and reconnect participants to their instincts when it comes to being a first responder and trusted facilitator of knowledge.
Presenter: Anastasia Higginbotham

Recent Webinars

Autism-Ready Libraries: Early Literacy Services for Autistic Children and Their Families - a free ALSC Member Exclusive
Public libraries are uniquely suited to provide early literacy services to autistic children and their families, despite the barriers libraries often face serving this population. Autism-Ready Libraries aimed to improve public libraries’ capacity to provide early literacy programming to autistic children and their families. We did so by investigating the needs and barriers faced by autistic children and their families in libraries, as well as the needs and barriers experienced by librarians who wish to better serve this population. This presentation will provide an overview of our research and the findings which informed our Autism-Ready Libraries Toolkit (ARLT), as well as a look into the Toolkit itself. The ARLT can be used by library staff to provide access and inclusion to early literacy services for autistic children and their families.
Presenter: Milly Romeijn-Stout

Training Frontline Staff to Deal with Book Challenges Effectively - a free ALSC Member Exclusive
In 2022, the American Library Association recorded 1,269 demands to censor books, the highest number of attempted bans since tracking began more than 20 years ago. Unfortunately, children’s materials highlighting marginalized groups rank high among these attempts. In this webinar, members of the ALSC Managing Children's Services Committee will discuss ways to ensure your frontline staff is ready to meet a challenge, and you will learn training tips to prepare your team when a challenge arises. This webinar is intended to follow the "Understanding and Embracing Collection Development Policies and Procedures" presented by ALSC's Intellectual Freedom Committee.
This webinar is offered by the ALSC Intellectual Freedom Committee exclusively to ALSC members as a benefit of their membership.

Understanding and Embracing Collection Development Policies and Procedures - a free ALSC Member Exclusive
In 2022, the American Library Association recorded 1,269 demands to censor books, the highest number of attempted bans since tracking began more than 20 years ago. Unfortunately, children’s materials highlighting marginalized groups rank high among these attempts. Be prepared: learn the importance of your library’s collection development policies and procedures, what they should ideally feature, and how to leverage them to keep your library relevant to your customers.
This webinar is offered by the ALSC Intellectual Freedom Committee exclusively to ALSC members as a benefit of their membership.

Trauma Informed Supervision for Library Leaders Series
It is not uncommon for library workers to be exposed to primary or vicarious trauma over the course of their career. According to the recent Urban Library Trauma Study, nearly 70% of respondents shared that they had experienced violent or aggressive behavior from patrons, while 22% indicated that they experienced similar behavior from their own coworkers. Through an understanding of trauma-informed practices, library administrators and managers can better support staff in their service to the public while fostering an organizational culture of safety, trust, and inclusion. In this two-part webinar series, participants will learn various trauma-informed approaches and explore how to apply these concepts within their own library.

Part 1: Understanding Trauma Informed Supervision
In Part 1 of this webinar series, participants will be able to define trauma and its causes, and identify principles of trauma-informed care.

Part 2: Supporting Library Staff Through Trauma Informed Supervision
In Part 2 of this webinar series, participants will be able to self-assess where opportunities lie to provide trauma-informed supervision, and explore practical strategies to mitigate compassion fatigue and professional burnout among staff through trauma-informed supervision

Free On-Demand Recordings

The below webinars are available to all free of charge!
FEATURED: Center Community, Building Equity: A Social Justice Approach to Outreach with Families and Children in Underserved Communities
Problematic Award-Winning Texts: Daniel Boone, the Newbery Award, and Children's Librarianship

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