ALSC Mentoring Program

ALSC Mentoring Program

The ALSC Mentoring Program seeks to match individuals with an interest in library service to children together for this one-year program. This program is administered by the ALSC Membership Committee and the Managing Children's Services Committee. 

ALSC is currently reviewing and revamping the Mentoring Program. More information will be coming in the future.

If you are independently engaged in a mentorship relationship or considering one, you may find the resources below helpful. 

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The work between a mentor and mentee can be greatly enhanced by setting specific goals. Here are some examples:

  • Learn more about the common challenges we all face in libraries
  • Make new contacts and network within the profession. 
  • Work together to come up with 6 crafts for the Bookbag program (ages 6-12).
  • Learn more about school librarianship. 
  • Discuss the qualities that make an effective manager/director. 
  • Look for opportunities to attend more conferences and trainings that are relevant to my career development.

Sample Activities


  • Create a shared document/spreadsheet of inclusive program ideas. Encourage others to enter their own ideas/suggestions.
  • Create a book list of diverse titles that you both enjoy. Discuss why you enjoy these titles, what values do they promote?
  • Conduct a survey with your match! Come up with a topic, questions, and then create a form. 

Practice Interviews

  • Do a resume/CV review. Share/critique job experiences and skills.
  • Perform a mock interview. Take turns asking each other difficult interview questions (i.e. “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?”). Afterwards give written feedback. 
  • In advance of your meeting, each come up with 3-5 questions for the other to answer. Make sure to forward to the other person a few days before your meeting to give that person time to come up with appropriate answers. 

Topic Discussions

  • Discuss the qualities that make an effective manager/director. Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of managers you’ve both encountered in your previous jobs. 
  • What steps are you taking to address Equity, Diversity and Inclusion at your library or in your work space?
  • Read an article about mentoring (see resources below). Discuss how it applies to your match.  
  • How have either of you been involved in ALSC? Have you downloaded any of ALSC's resources or attended an ALSC event in the past?

Reading and Writing

  • Read and discuss an article from a professional journal such as Children & Libraries. What did you like? What didn’t you like? 
  • Co-author a blog post for a professional organization.  

Participate in Association Events

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